Our 2006 July Picnic and Hunt

When: 23 July 2006, 12:00 PM

Where: St. Edward State Park

St. Edward State Park is located on the northeast corner of Lake Washington. Once the site of a Catholic seminary, this park is a secluded but lively place for all types of recreation.

For complete directions, see this page. For more information on St. Edward State Park, see the Washington State Parks page.

What: Picnic and Foot Hunt

With lots of wide-open spaces and wooded areas, St. Edward is a great place to learn the basics of t-hunting and keep your skills fresh. And what better way is there to spend a (hopefully sunny) weekend afternoon than a picnic?

This is an informal event; bring friends, family and a picnic lunch and enjoy a day in park with us. We'll have a hibachi on hand if you wish to bring hot dogs or any other summer picnic food, traditional or otherwise.

St. Edward has all the amenities—picnic tables, restrooms and plenty of parking. In addition to open picnic areas and a network of woodsy trails, it features an indoor swimming pool and gymnasium, and a famous playground for the kids.

We will have a series of informal foot hunts of varying skill levels. We'll also have several additional sets of hunting gear, making a perfect opportunity for non-hams to join in on the fun.

The transmitters will be on different frequencies in the 2-meter band. The first will be at 146.565MHz, and the others will be announced before the start. (If you have any transmitters yourself, feel free to bring them and add to the fun!)

Hope to see you there!

Art and Jamie